Hey there! 

Thanks for popping in, and happy Monday! My goal for today is to launch my website (super exciting)! I am relatively new at this whole web design thing, so bear with me, because I am working super hard to get a streamlined website up & running! 

I am very excited to be beginning my journey on what I hope will be a long career as a virtual assistant. I’m working on building up my website, completing Gina’s course from Horkey Handbook, and starting to generate ideas for clients to pitch to. I am so excited at the prospect of learning so many new skills (ok, full disclosure, and a little overwhelmed!) that will eventually allow me to help out small businesses everywhere level up and thrive

I will be starting a blog soon in addition to my business page, where I’ll be sharing tips about my journey, relevant articles, and motivational quotes to stave off those Monday blues. 

Stay tuned, friends! And thanks for visiting my page!